Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Juvenile Cardinals

Picture of juvenile cardinal, male***
The female cardinal adult
The female adult cardinal
Adult getting food for the juveniles
The male cardinal

For the past few days, I have been watching 2 juvenile cardinals learn how to feed. When I first saw them, the Dad or Mom got birdseed and put it in the juvenile's mouths. Now, the juveniles are learning how to eat by themselves. There is a female and a male. The female has a larger mohawk and the male has more red on its body. 2 days ago, I watched the male juvenile eating at the feeder by itself. Yesterday, I watched both birds feeding on the ground right by a chipmunk and a dove. The Dad watched close by. It was amazing to see. The birds will now be able to feed with Mom or Dad close by.

*** Taken by my brother.


Jayne said...

There are lots of young cardinals around right now. They look like a rather motley crew with their mixed coloration! Nice to see your little family. :c)

dAwN said...

i love that you are so observant! I wonder how many of your friends are interested in birding. I am always impressed when I find someone as young as you are so interested in Nature!

beatriz said...

In Argentina Cardinals are completely different. Have a look.